EXID reveals May 15 comeback “Me&You” + tracklist for ‘We’

EXID has announced their highly anticipated comeback for May 15!

“Me&You” is the title track for mini-album We, which contains seven songs total. The tracklist has been released below:


01. Me&You
02. We Are
03. 아끼지마 (Don’t Spare Me)
04. 어떻게지내 (How Are You?)
05. 낭의밤 (My Night)
06. Lady [Urban Mix]
07. Me&You [Inst.]

Unfortunately, this will be the last comeback with all members under Banana Culture. Though EXID has not disbanded, they will be on temporary hiatus and will pursue solo activities once Hani and Jeonghwa depart from the company.

UPDATE (May 5): Hani image + video teaser


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