Winwin of NCT/WayV not allowed to dance and sing on his own

During the new episode of the Chinese show 我们的师父 (My Brilliant Masters), which Winwin was a guest on, he told the audience that he wasn’t able to dance and sing due to mouth ulcers, which is a strange excuse to use for this case.

However, the real reason why Winwin isn’t allowed to sing or dance by his own was because the company didn’t allow him to do so without the other members. He has been discovered to be hiding in corners to try to get out of the frame.

The cast members of the episode asked if it was one of the reasons and tried to support him by saying they would all sing together.

After this revelation many fans were angry and started to call out SM Entertainment, releasing letters to the company in response to the unfair treatment of Winwin.

Image source: weibo

SM Entertainment has not released any statement about the situation yet.


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