Monsta X to release second full Japanese album, ‘Phenomenon’ on August 21st

Monsta X are coming back with their second full-length Japanese album!

A post on their official Japanese website, made August 18th, gives more information. There will be three separate album versions, and in addition, each version will have a unique special track. Moreover, Wonho, Jooheon, and I.M each helped co-write, compose, and arrange the individual songs.

First up is the limited edition A, featuring I.M’s ‘CHAMPAGNE’. This version also contains a DVD with the ‘X-Phenomenon’ music video, rapper version teaser, and music video making.

Special track: CHAMPAGNE
Composition: I.M, YOONSEOK, WOOKI
Arrangement: I.M, YOONSEOK, WOOKI

Second is the limited edition B version, containing ‘Polaroid’ by Wonho. Similarly to version A, B’s DVD contents likewise include the ‘X-Phenomenon’ music video, as well as a vocal version of the teaser, and jacket shoot making.

Special track: Polaroid
Lyrics: Wonho, BrotherSu, YVES&ADAMS
Composition: Wonho, BrotherSu, Rich Jang
Arrangement: Wonho, Rich Jang

Lastly the normal version of the album, while not containing a DVD, does contain what I’m sure will be an incredible track, ‘Thriller’, helmed by Joohoney.

Special track: Thriller
Lyrics: Joohoney, 9f, ZERO(YVES&ADAMS)
Composition: Joohoney, 9f
Arrangement: Joohoney, 9f

In addition to the album’s release, the group will be holding events August 23rd in Osaka, August 24th in Tokyo, and August 25th in Nagoya. We can’t wait to hear what this new Japanese album has in store for us!

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