[UPDATE] Sunmi declares herself an LGBT ally

While performing in Amsterdam on the evening of June 4th, Sunmi decided to share more about herself with fans in a video that is quickly spreading across Twitter.

The short clip shows the singer onstage at Q-Factory, speaking to the audience about the many facets of her personality.

I have many different sides of me… Like, like “dorky”… and LGBT… LGBT queen!

– Sunmi

While some initially saw this as a coming out, the artist herself later tweeted, clarifying her original statement.

Sunmi has shown strong support for the community over the years, and just days ago accepted a bisexual pride flag from a fan at her tour stop in London.

It’s incredibly meaningful to see such vocal support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Jess Elsen

KS Press Writer, multifandom cat mom. Contact me at KSPressJess@gmail.com

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