LOONA’s HaSeul Returns After Temporary Hiatus From Group Activities

On May 10, Blockberry Creative announced HaSeul’s temporary hiatus from group activities.

The announcement posted read as follows:

“Hello, this is Blockberry Creative. We’re here to make an announcement for the fans regarding HaSeul.

HaSeul will not be able to participate in LOONA’s schedule for a while due to personal reasons. We apologize to the fans who’ve missed HaSeul, and ask for understandings on the abrupt news. We will inform you with more announcements if there is additional information.

Thank you.”

Now she makes her glorious return to LOONA with the following message posted on LOONA’s social media accounts:

Orbits across the world are really glad to have her back. This could signal a full group comeback in August, as was mistakenly revealed by LOONA’s Chuu.

Look out for LOONA’s future activities!


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